v10.5.0 Release notes

New Features

  • We have added preset colours to the theme panel in BK10. This means you can choose a design you like and now change the colours. More options will be available soon!
  • Example GDPR policies can now be added for each policy type: privacy, cookie, and legal. These example policies are added at the discretion of the partner offering BK8.
  • We have added a new language and some currencies for our V7, BK8 and BK10 products:
    • Vietnamese language
    • Vietnamese Dong (VND)
    • Bulgarian Lev (BGN)


  • The GDPR consent checkbox shown in the ecommerce checkout process now links to the relevant policy document.

Bug Fixes

  • The V7 editor now loads correctly in IE11.
  • Lines of text no longer break in different languages within Go Sitebuilder.
  • .co.uk domain registrations are now working within Go Sitebuilder.
  • Go Sitebuilder now displays correctly on the iPhone X.
  • The Yourpay payment gateway is now completing orders.