v10.10.0 Release notes


  • We have updated the add content button to always show a label when using BK10 on desktop.
  • We have added more alignment options for simple, single column hero sections

New alignment options

  • We have made further improvements to the Design button in BK10:
  • Design has been removed from the app menu
  • Design is now at the top of the action list in the editor
  • Various improvements have been made to Design mode to make it feel more related to the editor.
  • We have added a new custom colour option to the theme panel which supports Hex codes for precise colour selection.

Custom colour panel

  • We have added a 'Replace background' button to section content mode in BK10 to make it easier to replace the background image for a section.

Replace background button

  • We have added the ability to select a section image background focal point to BK10, which means we will always try to show the area that’s been selected.

Custom focal point

  • The Cookie policy pages are now organised under a drop down menu to make it easier to choose between internal and external options.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue with Edge and IE11 which affected both BK8 and BK10 where it wasn’t possible to return to the editor from previewing a site.
  • We have fixed an issue with Go Sitebuilder where some customers were incorrectly shown parts of the V7 editor when their package was suspended.
  • We have fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to upload custom template ZIP files into the editor.
  • We have fixed an issue where some BK10 customers were incorrectly shown the BK8 template picker.
  • We have fixed an issue in BK8 and BK10 commerce where there was text missing from the 'Destination city' drop down when Indonesia was selected as the shipping country.