v101 Release notes


  • Set a maximum number of characters for the title (50) and description (100) of images
  • We have added a package option to disable site and page scripts in editor
  • Group widgets into a more sensible order in the add widget panel
  • Similar widgets are now grouped together, making it easier to find the right widget.
  • Add 'Space Mono' and 'Orbitron' fonts to BK8
  • Improvements to Cookie warning
  • We have made the acknowledgement of the cookie warning more straightforward by having only an "OK" button to dismiss the banner.

Bug fixes

  • We have fixed the inability to update the title or description for a template image widget
  • We have fixed an issue with the image gallery reorder UI in Safari
  • We have added a missing navigation function for V7 product import
  • We now allow quoted values in template styles metadata
  • We have fixed an issue in MS Edge where you couldn’t open settings after changing page
  • We have fixed an issue where the slideshow flickers during transition in BK8
  • We have fixed an issue that meant you were unable to add an image to a product in BK8
  • We now show the CNAME mapping on domain mapping page in BK8

Template changes

We have added the eCommerce basket to a few more of our store templates. These baskets will only appear if eCommerce has been set up for that site.

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