3.03 Blog categories and tags

How to add categories and tags to your blog posts

Add categories and tags to your blog posts to:

  • Keep your posts organised
  • Help your visitors find content when they search


What's the difference between categories and tags?

A category allows you to group similar blog posts together. For example, if you are writing a travel blog, you could use the word 'America' as a category. Any other posts you write related to America can then be grouped under the same category

A tag makes a blog post easier to find, and provides more information on the content of your posts. Tag words that your site visitors might use when searching. For example, someone searching for information on visiting America might search for 'America', 'USA', 'Travelling America'

A blog post can have any number of tags but only one category


To add a category:

  1. Click on the drop down menu under the Category field
  2. Select Add New...
  3. Type in your chosen category name and click the tick to confirm

There is no limit to the number of categories you can add, but each blog post can only have one category


Add new blog category


To add a tag:

  1. In the Tag field, type the name of your chosen tag
  2. Hit Enter on your keyboard

Click on the X icon to remove a tag at any time


Add new blog tag

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