Archive: Release notes v81 - v100

v100 Release notes

New features

  • BK8 Commerce Analytics

We have added a new Analytics feature into the Store. This shows total order numbers and revenue over a variety of time periods and it will also show the top most commonly purchased items. Information on discount code usage will also be available once a code has been used by a customer.



  • Add template images into the BK8 images panel

When you first choose a template, the images that came with that template will be available to use from the images panel in the Recent images list.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to remove custom colours from colour panel in Firefox.
  • Fixed an inability to set the font size of headings in the V7 text editor
  • Fixed control panel issue with BK8 options
  • Fixed an issue in BK8 where selecting a template image for a newly added image widget caused an error

v99 (included in v100)


  • If enabled on the package, .jpeg images are now compressed after upload, making most images and image heavy sites quicker to load.
  • Record addedBy when installing an SSL cert via control panel

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the show/hide widget overlay doesn't disappear after showing widget within the editor.
  • V1 templates should not render advanced contact form formTitle into widget HTML
  • Add deprecation notice for navigation widget in BK8
  • Add tax to product items on 2checkout.
  • Fixed an issue with a partly hidden publish dropdown UI in BK8 blog post edit page
  • Fixed a bug where publish button overrides long post title in the blog post page
  • Fixed an incorrect image title translation key in BK8
  • Fixed the action button being the wrong size after upgrading from V7 to BK8.
  • Subscription upload ram usage no longer goes over ~50MB regardless of record set size
  • You can now remove the YourPay payment method
  • Fixed a bug where font selection caused the editor to break in BK8
  • Fixed a bug where opening the image or link selector whilst editing a blog post causes the post -body to silently fail to save
  • Fix an issue with the deletion of store payment methods when store is not fully set up
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate translate keys in V8 style panel
  • We have removed duplicate site script function which causes scripts to be saved twice


  • Image resizer now supports cropping, enlarging and resizing of GIFs

v98 Release notes


  • Add "Allura" Google font into the BK8 editor

Bug fixes

  • In the BK8 editor, the text formatting dropdown on mobile should close after making a selection.
  • In BK8, the ecommerce product list page should show the stock level for variations with lowest stock.
  • We have fixed an issue with incorrect image widget url and path properties in BK8.
  • In the V7 editor we have fixed an issue where the image panel does not show after adding an image through a template widget.
  • We have fixed an issue where templates using newer V2 widgets don’t allow full screen YouTube videos.
  • Fixed an issue in BK8 where you couldn’t move a widget from inside a column to create new column.
  • We have removed the minimum resolution for tablet preview orientation
  • We have fixed an issue for ecommerce stores where the low stock email would sometimes fail to send.
  • We have fixed an issue where you couldn’t update the profile email from the Advanced Contact Form widget when the profile field is empty.

v97 Release notes


  • We have improved the design of site styles panel to make it more obvious when editing a colour or font.
  • We have improved the default behaviour and validation of the Contact Form, Signup Form & - Advanced Contact Form widgets. These widgets now warn site visitors when they haven't completed the form.
  • We now use a symbol for Russian currency instead of an abbreviation
  • We now support use of a separate billing address in ecommerce when paying with Stripe. Please note that store owners who wish to use this feature will need to enable it from within their own Stripe account.

Bug fixes

  • We have fixed an issue where colour values were being mistakenly added to the contact form custom success page URL field.
  • We have fixed the presentation of Shipping rate unit types in ecommerce
  • Fix for BK8 custom template removal not working correctly


  • Add a js errors monitoring tool
  • BK8 ecommerce should stop sharing files with V7
  • Improve file and mime type validation on custom template upload

v96 Release notes

New features

  • We have added the option to redirect to a brand URL when logging out of the editor


  • We have brought back the preview and edit desktop layout feature, but this is currently only available on Android mobile devices. This lets you preview how your site will look on a desktop computer, and allows you to edit columns where needed.
1440 1440

Bug fixes

  • Fix for AMP pages not having valid publisher metadata
  • We have removed the purchase domain link on the domain mapping page in BK8
  • We have fixed an issue with the V7 advanced form where it incorrectly counted the number of fields being used.
  • We have fixed an issue where checking for menu in BK8 (to allow upgrade) could sometimes stop the editor loading

v95 Release notes


  • We now use a higher quality version of stock images by default so that they can be used for headers or full page images.

Bug fixes

  • Ensure that the help menu is always available in BK8
  • We have added missing profile widget form button style css classes
  • Fixed an issue with image links in text widget not working in V7
  • The main menu in BK8 should now always close when clicking on another part of the editor
  • Fixed an incorrect label and translation key in the BK8 Advanced form widget
  • Fixed an issue where BK8 upgrade is not offered to sites with an empty menu
  • Fixed an issue on iOS where you would zoom to focus on an input field in BK8
  • We have added labels and better spacing to the Dropbox widget panel in BK8
  • The BK8 template picker will now lazy load screenshots to improve the experience
  • Fixed an issue in BK8 where clicking on the text widget settings cog opens two text editor bars
  • Fix for broken photoswipe in non-text widgets in V7
  • Fixed the file download widget incorrectly showing in V7
  • Fixed the Facebook Like widget breaking in some languages

v94 Release notes

New features

  • We have added Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for single blog post pages
  • We have added a PDF download widget to BK8
  • The first version of this was a bit hard to find, so now we have a specific widget.


  • We have updated the Sign-up widget icon

  • We now account for someone pasting in the full URL when filling in social account details in BK8

  • The Aviary image editor is now easier than ever to find in BK8.

  • Hover over an image to see a new edit icon. Click the icon to launch the image editor

  • In the settings panel for an image you will now see an "Edit image" button which launches the image editor
  • We have added page settings to Commerce and Blog pages in BK8
  • We have added the advanced contact form into the TDK

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Photoswipe failed to open images on published sites (V7 and BK8)
  • Fixed a bug for Windows 10 Touchscreen devices in tablet mode where it can be difficult to scroll through the widget panel
  • Fix issues with template selection when using IE Edge
  • Fix for Facebook Like and Comments widgets being hardcoded to use English
  • Fix for image widgets not working when they have a link enabled


The following templates have been added into BK8:

  • Abode
  • Deco
  • Delicia
  • Kicks
  • Innova

v93 Release notes

New features

  • Add category filtering to BK8 template picker

Makes it easier to find different types of templates when there are a lot of templates to choose from.


  • You can now set a different page as the homepage in BK8
  • We have moved the tax save button to the top of the page in BK8 to match the style of other pages
  • Chunked uploading improvements
    -- Uploading files is now more efficient

Bug fixes

  • BK8 sites using v7 templates can use new, updated styles
  • Fixed an issue with template selection when using IE Edge
  • Fixed an issue where Slideshow and Gallery image selection wasn't working in IE11 in V7
  • Fixed missing translations
  • Fixed an issue moving from v7 to v6 when domains do not have the previous site specified
  • Fixed an issue where the Aviary image editor wasn't not accessible from Blog or Ecommerce
  • Show an orientation warning on large mobile devices
  • BK8 gallery/slideshow dialog fix for multiple languages
  • Strip URL scheme from background image URL in v2 responsive slideshow widget
  • Fixed an issue in BK8 with the category tick and cross found in Blog and Ecommerce

v92 Release notes


  • We have improved the BK8 template picker so that it's clearer to see which template you currently have selected.
  • Users can now change font size from within the text editor in BK8
  • We now warn V7 mobile users that their experience might not be the best when using the V7 editor on a mobile device
  • Store owners can now set the default display order of their products
  • The product will let the user know when the wrong type of file has been dragged into the image upload dialogue in BK8
  • We have improved the site preview UI in BK8
  • Preview option has been added to the BK8 editor for mobile devices
  • Allow product version to be specified when creating users in Control Panel

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in BK8 where blog preview button is very small and hard to click
  • We have upgraded the Aviary image editor to V3
  • Remove traces of the "More/Less" text feature from BK8
  • Fixed an issue in BK8 where product content can't be saved, even if you click on the save button directly
  • Fixed an issue where the text editor in blog and ecommerce is not full height on a mobile device
  • Fixed Twitter connect failing due to popup blockers
  • We now remove a feature image from blog if the image is deleted
  • Fixed sass template compilation issues in the TDK and Editor
  • Fixed a bug where cancelled Commerce orders are displayed as “paid”
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a product thumbnail image has no effect in certain templates
  • Made some changes to the layout of the editor toolbar
  • Fixed a bug where BK8 blog and product text editor wasn't working in tablet landscape mode
  • Temporarily disable chunked uploads in BK8

v91 Release notes

New features

Replace Lightbox with PhotoSwipe

We replaced Lightbox with PhotoSwipe because it's generally better suited to how we want to deal with images. Some of these reasons are:

  • You can move between multiple gallery images while in preview mode.
  • It supports gestures on mobile devices, which lets you swipe between images and pinch to zoom.
  • Faster image loading
  • Zoom animations!

PhotoSwipe is available by default on any single image or gallery images.


Add "hide page from navigation" in BK8 page settings

You can now hide a page from the site's navigation menu.


Add a currently selected indicator to the BK8 template picker

We have added a border make it easier to tell which template you are currently using.


BK8 ecommerce product import

Import products into BK8 ecommerce with a CSV file.


Add discount code functionality to BK8 ecommerce

Create discounts for your customers.

850 1277


  • Allow BK8 text widget default content to be translated
  • Make the Open Source link brand configurable

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue where deleted assets are visible in product page
  • Fix BK8 text widget showing more/less function
  • Fix issues with replacing all choices for a product option
  • Fix V7 404 page being displayed to BK8 users in Account section
  • Fix BK8 upgrade promo appearing when connecting Disqus for existing BK8 users
  • Fix feature image displaying incorrectly after changing template in BK8
  • Display message when publishing doesn't succeed
  • Make embed code widget work on large touch devices
  • Fix for V7 Gallery widget order has been changed after deselecting images
  • Fix BK8 upgrade promo appearing on menu setup page in menu flow
  • Fix BK8 product and blog text editor issue on large touch devices
  • Fix invisible device switcher icons in BK8
  • Fix issue where product cannot be added to the basket in V7

v90 Release notes


BK8 Ecommerce store customers can now add comments to an order

Allow store customers to add comments to their order. Useful for bespoke goods, food/dietary requirements, delivery instructions etc.

1827 379

Bug fixes

-Fix bug counting fields on advanced form
-Fix hardcoded bank transfer payment method name
-Fix broken image upload in onboarding
-Optimise V6 site publishing
-Fix missing options button in BK8 Template Editor


-Speed up site creation and template switching
-Queue publishing for sites with more than 10 domains

v89 Release notes

New features

'Pay on collection' payment option added

Pay on collection is now available as a store payment method.


The store owner can offer their customers instructions to explain how this works.


Add YourPay as a payment provider

YourPay is now available as a store payment method.


The store owner can setup YourPay using their merchant details.


Allow users to set mandatory fields in advanced form widget

When enabled, anyone filling in the form will not be able to leave a mandatory field blank.


BK8 WordPress blog post import

Blog users in BK8 can now import their Wordpress blog posts and publish them on their BK site.



  • Allow user to add multiple social bar widgets to their site
  • Allow user to add multiple signup form widgets to their site with different email addresses
  • Allow user to add multiple personal LinkedIn widgets (with different accounts) to their site
  • Add tooltips to the editor and apply to the hidden pages button

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue with only first duplicate page url versioning
  • Store initial display order with variant options
  • Fix shipping dialog save buttons in BK8
  • Fix for selecting a new default tax rate not deselecting the previous one
  • Hide developer link for ipad and lower resolutions
  • Better error message for duplicate SKU
  • Add missing translation key in BK8 tax
  • Fix toolbar layout breaking at certain resolutions
  • Fix issue where the show more/less function doesn't work in template content widget
  • Make the BK8 order tab text in the centre
  • Replace the button with a link to the shipping rate page from tax page in BK8 eCommerce
  • A google maps widget with no address now prompts you to enter an address rather than show an api error

v88 Release notes

New features

Add a way to disable widget delete confirmation in BK8

You now have the option to select "Don't show this again" when you first delete a text widget. This will stop the confirmation showing every time.


Add file upload panel for BK8 button link editor

When adding a button widget to your site, you can now choose to link to a file. Currently this is limited PDF files. When a visitor clicks on the button, a new browser tab will open where they can view and save the PDF.

Current limitations are

  • Only the Button widget can link to a file
  • Only PDF files are currently supported

You can upload documents using the file upload dialogue. Previously uploaded documents will be visible under the Recent tab.



  • Return to list page when the user has finished publishing their post or saving their product in BK8
  • Add Rubik, Work Sans, Istok Web, Source Serif Pro, Poppins, Libre Baskerville fonts
  • Allow user to add multiple contact form widgets to their site with different email addresses
  • Allow user to add multiple click to call widgets to their site with different phone number
  • Polish the visibility panel animations and add highlighting

Bug fixes

  • Clear cache on help links saved in control panel
  • Take store offline after last shipping rate is deleted
  • Stop Redactor adding empty schema data to content widget in V7
  • Fix issue that means a user is unable to add any widget nearby to a newly added map widget in BK8
  • Fix issue in V8 where changing the URL of a page within a folder inserts the folder URL twice
  • Fix issue that means a user is unable to add any widget nearby to a newly added Facebook like or - - Facebook comments widget in BK8
  • Wrong profile fields not highlighted
  • iPad - Profile - Contact details - unable to save any entries on this page
  • Fix inability to save blog preferences in BK8 on low res devices
  • Fix incorrect translation key in order page in BK8
  • Fix incorrect translation key in gallery image picker in BK8
  • Drag & drop breaks in templates without main zone
  • Fix Twitter connect page title
  • Fix V8 upgrade prompt appearing on Twitter connect page

v87 Release notes

New features

V8 payment gateways
We have added a few more payment gateways for V8 store owners. You can now connect to the following:

  • Point
  • Paytrail
  • Payfast
  • Mollie
  • First Data


  • “Page not found” and “something went wrong” error pages added to V8
  • For non-drag-drop-upload devices, show more appropriate UI
  • Allow users to add multiple Twitter widgets (with different accounts) to their sites
  • Remove unused menus on login
  • This is a housekeeping task to tidy up empty, unused menus.
  • Show custom template preview in V8

Bug fixes

  • Fix product list visibility localisation
  • Fix menu flow
  • Account is not reverted to demo package when cancelling
  • Use the correct weight unit for shipping rate in V8
  • Expand number of cases in which session timeouts can be caught and displayed to users
  • Display human readable file size in error message
  • Fix issue where V8 template default font names don't show in styles panel
  • Fix V8 ecommerce Worldpay inconsistent save button UI
  • Fix V8 font weight invalid option
  • Fix inability to activate bank transfer if store has no email address
  • Fix image album pagination
  • Fix price in Menu can be text
  • Prevent file path from being included in sync request response
  • Fix inability to edit templates imported from git on one click deploy environment
  • Fix unknown site redirect logic
  • Fix V6 Google Maps widget
  • Fix switching from V6 to V7

v86 Release notes

New features

Moving from V7 to V8

We have added the ability for V7 users to move to V8 whilst remaining on the same subscription plan. This is setup at package level on a per partner basis, so it may not be available to everyone.

When enabled, a banner will show in the editor to offer more information about V8.


Clicking "find out more" shows a dialogue with some information about the new V8 editor. You can return to this dialogue at any time by clicking "find out more". Once you choose to move to V8, you cannot return to the V7 editor.


V8 payment gateways

We have added the following payment gateways to V8 eCommerce:

  • Yandex payment gateway
  • Mercado Pago payment gateway
  • 2Checkout payment gateway
  • Paysbuy payment gateway


  • Group templates by editor version in V8 template picker
  • This helps to highlight old and new templates
  • Improve the style section UI for long style section label
  • Help to fit long translated text into the UI.
  • Allow user to add multiple map widgets (with different addresses) to their site
  • Cater for plans with only V7 templates in V8 template picker
  • Remove menu from V8 app switcher
  • Do not offer V8 upgrade to V7 users with menu
  • Menu is not currently part of V8

Bug fixes

  • Duplicate product tag check in V8 should be case insensitive
  • Fix issue that meant you were unable to change Dropbox widget text size
  • Disable the add widget button in mobile desktop editing mode
  • Notify users of session expiry
  • Make menu widgets added on site creation deletable
  • Fix issue updating regional tax rates

v85 Release notes

New features

V8 template editor

We have added the Template editor to V8 with a new look and a few new features:

  • New V8 UI
  • Full tree view with folders
  • Drag and drop files into the editor and into folders
  • Tabbed file editing so you can work on more than one file at once
  • Upload/download templates
  • Template preview
1278 1277


  • Lighten placeholder text colour
    • Changed to address usability concerns
  • Automatically save and close the widget properties panel when clicking outside of the panel.
  • Change Yandex logo in eCommerce
  • V8 save button improvements
    • We have been over the entire product and worked on making the save experience more consistent. These changes can be seen across all widgets, settings panels, apps and manage section pages.
  • V8 publish improvements
    • Worked to ensure that publishing from anywhere in the product looks and behaves the same way.
  • Use device width when displaying (or not) add widget buttons
  • Include timeout for twitter, disqus and yelp calls

Bug fixes

  • Don't change body background class until the user has selected at least one colour.
  • Prioritize redirects over blog/ecommerce route.
  • Fix incorrectly updated template images and products property values
  • V8 404 page
  • Only toggle folder-open on the selected folder, not all folders
  • Add images should not be added into gallery/slideshow until confirmed
  • Return 404 response when using custom page
  • Fix slideshow dissolve transition showing just one image at one time
  • Add more address fields info to V8 profile widget
  • Check SKU across all products in store when saving variants
  • Fix V7 blog unpublish issue

v84 Release notes

New features

  • Allow new users to use version eight of BaseKit
  • Allow adding of footer text to ecommerce emails
  • Show summary of purchase before payment and allow amending of delivery address and shopping cart
  • Add a V8 feature flag to enable the 'buy credits' button in the stock image panel


  • V8 template picker should have a 3 column layout
  • V8 template picker filter by category (pass parameter in URL)
  • Translation improvements
  • Remove style highlight from editor
  • Improve editing of v7 template styles in v8

Bug fixes

  • Ecom product category title removed extra underline spacing
  • Cannot add content in mobile desktop mode
  • V8 - Edge - editor disappears after site tested in preview mode.
  • Fix inability to save payment methods if store info absent
  • Clicking retry on a failed payment for a domain would result in a 404 error
  • Enable translations for v8 publish dialog failure when over page limit
  • Fix site styles not updating in the editor
  • Check if user tries to unsubscribe from the default brand package
  • Allow user to delete more than one tax rate when deleting shippings rates
  • Show upgrade dialog when the product limit is reached
  • Allow images to be sortable in tablet
  • Fix iPad scrolling making the rendering delay
  • Fix broken image in order page
  • Fix firefox upload error for edited image in V7 and V8
  • Reset profile data on site page load for V8
  • Fix manage tab images upload issue
  • Fix V8 issue that page created without hitting save button
  • Add ability to publish/unpublish post in V8 post list
  • Fix V7 blog unpublish issue
  • Fix for V7 Image gallery & Slideshow images no longer ordered by user selection

v83 Release notes

New features

  • Add page folder option and reorder UI V8
  • Cancelled orders visible on the V8 manage orders page
  • Add advanced contact form to V8


  • Use store owner's paypal email rather than store email in ecommerce
  • Add a terms and conditions link to order communication
  • Remove the default content for the V8 content widget
  • Allow longer titles in sidebar on V8
  • V8 translation fixes

Bug fixes

  • Fix v7 revert to v6 site
  • Improve paypal error logging
  • Fix issue with German locale in ecommerce
  • Personal linkedin widget - Only accepts Specific URL format
  • Prevent home page from being inactive
  • Fix navigation header layout on demo accounts with no logo
  • Fix issue with V7 tax in German lang
  • Fix words overlay in German in V8 gallery and correct translation keys
  • Add the ability to change product visibility in products list V8
  • Improve handling of tax rates in V8
  • Remove blank country translation key and correct 'Save' key

v82 Release notes

New features

  • Add options to disable login pages, requiring login via API only.


  • Accept translation import from filesystem
  • Warn when site is using custom template in Control Panel editsite
  • Track additional analytics events. Convert siteactions in Control Panel
  • Log responsive template applied to a site event
  • Improve user associated sites list in Control Panel
  • Allow editing of v7 font and colour swatches in v8

Bug fixes

  • Smart Inc - .menu-item overflow:hidden causes hidden menu images
  • Fix order management issues
  • Fix cluttered text problems in orders management
  • Prevent order status changes while a previous request is still pending
  • Fix control panel metrics
  • Unset primary domain before removing domains associated with deleted sites
  • Unset primaryUrlRef before removing site domains
  • Display correct payment method name for Mollie payments
  • Fix image albums
  • Hide account link on plans page according to brand flag
  • Fix missing account link when plan filters are not present
  • Expire foreign persistent login cookies
  • Fix outdated navigation after page deletion
  • Use brand external account URL when set on plans page
  • Fix option click issue in V8 product lists page
  • Do not show billing filters when prices are disabled
  • Highlight format (bold and italic) buttons in settings when selected

v81 Release notes

New features

  • Implement Firstdata payment gateway

Bug fixes

  • Fix publishing after entering a subdomain
  • Fix tour help links display issue in Polish
  • Fix MercadoPago phraseapp key duplication
  • Fix image albums
  • Fix issue where the folder inner page is not clickable
  • Prevent home page from being deleted by moving into a folder
  • Fix option translation
  • Add missing PhraseApp keys
  • V6 - confirmation pop up when removing a widget doesn't close on Firefox
  • Fix CORS Bug on Menu Item Image Upload