6.02 Columns

Columns in V7

In V7, columns needed to be dragged and dropped onto your site like other content. Once the number of columns had been chosen, you could add content into those columns.

When you move from V7 to BK8, we do our best to retain the structure of your site. For some designs, we might add a spacer to force an empty column.

Columns in BK8

Columns are no longer a type of content in BK8, they are part of the editor. To create a column, click and hold the grab icon found when you have a piece of content selected, then drag the content to where you would like to drop it. The drop indicator will appear to show you where the content will be placed. If you drop a new piece of content to the side of an existing piece of content, you will create a column.


Maximum columns

You can create up to a maximum of 4 columns at a time in any one row.

The example below shows how you can drag an image to create a third column and then drag it again to create a large image in a single column.


Dragging an image between columns

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