SEO: Page settings and Site settings

Make sure your site shows up on search engines

Go to Site settings

  1. Open the Application menu
  2. Select Site settings

Open the SEO page

  1. Select SEO
  2. Enter a short descriptive title for your site "Mountain Tours - Adventure holidays in Scotland"
  3. Select the primary language for your site
  4. Enter a short description for your site as you would like to see it described in search engine results
  5. Add a few keywords, separated by commas. Don't repeat words or use too many.

Page settings

To be certain your page will be properly listed in search engines, you need to give each page an appropriate title and description

  1. Click Page options (the three grey dots to the right of the page name)
  2. Choose Edit page settings from the menu
  3. Title in Navigation is the page title that will be shown on your website
  4. Page URL is the path to the page e.g. - in most cases you can leave this unchanged
  5. Title in Browser can include some brief additional information about your site. For example: "Mountain Tours - Contact Us"
  6. Page status If you want this page to hidden when the site is published, for example if it's not finished yet, then set the status to Offline
  7. Keywords A few descriptive keywords for this page - don't repeat words or use too many
  8. Description Should be a short description of the page as you would like it to appear in a search engine listing


Learn more

If you want your site to work well in search engines, it's worth learning a bit more about how page titles and descriptions are used by Google.